Seddon delivers over £160m of building projects across the UK and employs nearly 800 people. New build, refurbishment, maintenance and energy solutions are provided via its group of companies.


Audits were being carried out using a substandard solution which lacked visibility and control

Management had no way of seeing if an audit had been completed to standard, or at all

Health and safety standards were slipping because of inefficient integration with other business objectives

Communications associated with audits was confusing


Pro-evaluate was implemented into the business as standard, but Seddon requested certain customisations such as ‘close out functionality’ and ‘section colour scoring’:

‘Close-out’ ensured that any audit was returned to the task originator for checking/sign off

Colour scoring allowed Seddon to ensure high risk issues were completed first

On-site training was provided to all Users


Fully automated auditing from a centralised database

Managerial tracking and sign off of tasks

Cost effective solution

Outstanding customer care from Evolve

Unlimited question sets can be created

Full visibility and control

Track actions

Consolidated reporting

“Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Seddon We can now have 100% confidence in our auditing process with the functionality Evolve have built into Pro-evaluate for us. We have also received some brilliant customer service from the team.”

Liz Groundland, Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

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