Airparks provides a range of services for passenger’s flying from a number of UK airports, including airport parking, airport hotels and professional services. Airparks provides quality airport parking to over 500,000 customers per year at various sites throughout the country and strive to provide the highest quality secured airport parking to their customers.


A wide range of health and safety risks were prevalent at the Client’s 24/7 parking sites

A paper-based system meant that the auditing procedure effective but time consuming and was slow and laborious

Hand-written notes were sometimes difficult to read and therefore audits had to be re-written

The system was open to human error and therefore at risk of health and safety breaches


We worked with Airparks to develop Pro-evaluate as an improved solution and upgrade to the predecessor software solution, CHASE. This meant that Airparks were instrumental in the development of the product and were able to ensure their specific needs were met

On-site training was provided to all Users Web-based solution, with no integration requirement

The app was loaded onto hand-held devices for on-site audits and to record results straight into the solution


Responsive design for multi-device use

Zero paperwork – all audits now carried out directly into the app

Senior Managers now able to monitor and compare results for all sites on a centralised system

Senior Managers can identify overdue audit activities and take appropriate action

Automatic emails are sent to instruct auditors, ensuring timely audits

Cost effective solution

Unlimited question sets can be created

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