Pro-evaluate was originally designed by expert Health and Safety auditors to make it easier for organisations to improve safety. It soon became clear that the ability to easily audit compliance with standards or policies was something that organisations needed in areas outside of Health and Safety, for example Cyber Security, GDPR compliance, or compliance with brand standards. Pro-evaluate has been developed to be flexible enough to meet those other needs.

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Pro-evaluate is now used by organisations in different sectors to audit compliance against a wide variety of processes, standards, and guidelines. Pro-evaluate continues to be developed to meet the emerging needs of its customers across sectors and domains, with new functionality and example question sets added to meet customer requirements. Pro-evaluate is part of Evolve Holdings, a UK-based technology company that offers a wide range of products and services.


establish objectives and identify the ‘who’


carry out an audit/investigation


analyse the results and identify trends


create risk mitigating actions, training plans and improvements